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"Under the Hood" This is the ONLY one of its kind.


man.gif If you are a certified WELDER use this DVD to show others how you certified. If you are not certified, it will help you get certified! Order details below.

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point.gif Attention!! Become an industrial certified welder. Learn test procedures. Let there be no mistake, this is not just another instructional welding video. In the vast sea of welding videos out there this is the ONLY ONE you will find that teaches you 3 of the most common test procedures on 1, one hour video! That is right -- with this one you can learn the preparation and procedures to perform 3 of the most common certification welding tests.

Viewers get a look as seen from under a welding hood at all 3 of these welding test procedures being performed : 6G - 2" sch. 80 tig and stick ----- 6G - 6" sch. 40, 6010 Uphill and Downhill - 7018 fill and cap !! Yes, you read it right. This is a must for welders.

          UNDER THE HOOD UndertheHood.gif 

Welding Videos Inc. Hi there, I'm glad you are here. Please take a few minutes to check out my pages. I have a great welding video that shows the actual welding test procedures that will help a welder to certify for employment. This video is something all of you welders out there who want to show others what you do will enjoy. It really does not matter if you are helping a friend or maybe you teach a class of welders in a high school or at a vo-tech, you will appreciate this one hour movie. I am, Lloyd Forman, a Local 582- Boilermaker welder. I am the author, director and producer. When I undertook the production of this video I was close to retirement. You can read more about my welding history below or by clicking ,"A Letter from the Author." at the top of this page. For many years I had been talking about making a video that would let viewers see what a weld procedure looks like from under a welding hood. The year before I made this video, while in Bermuda for a job, I was injured, which left me laid up recovering for months. During this time I decided to step out in faith and take out a loan that would enable me to write and produce this dream. Out of this trying time of pain and feeling so undone came this educational video, "Under the Hood." It is different from anything you will find available to the general public. With a happy heart I offer it to you, my fellow welders. Your satisfaction with this product depends on its quality. With pride I tell you that all the welders that have seen it feel I delivered just that. Bookmark this site. While you are here don't miss "Take a look from under the hood." -- In it you will see a clip from this video. If you are a welder ..... You will love it.

  Ed  Forman

 hobby_welder.jpg Ed retired after 30 years + from Boilermaking and started teaching welding at Copiah-Lincoln Community College in Natchez Ms.


Dustin Goldsmith took home the Ribbons in SKILL U.S.A. Welding competition held in Jackson, Ms.

In June he and I (Ed Forman) headed  to Kansas City, Mo. for competition in the Skills USA Nationals!

EagleFlag.jpg On, 4/12/07 I was proud to announce....Student wins competition in SKILLS U.S.A. at Jackson, MS. 22 year old - Dustin Goldsmith is a Marine who served his country in Iraq and here in the U.S. He entered my welding class at Copiah-Lincoln Community College, Natchez, MS. in August 2006. He finishes this course in May 2007. Dustin was no nonsense from the beginning. He impressed me from the start because he studied the academics of welding without being pushed. Also he listened to instructions and practiced with a pointed determination to do the best he could. This mentality catapulted him forward in the program and it was then understood that success was inevitable.  I had no doubt that he would be the best man standing in this competition that included others that were well trained from approximately 25 other welding programs state wide. Dustin left for the competition on Wednesday and I thank God for cell phones. I was unable to attend. Excitement and nervous tension was always in the air from the get-go. First was the written test when he called.  A sigh of relief for both of us since he was confident that he did well. He and I discussed debatable questions. Next came the hands on skill of the welding test they had devised for each student. This took a while and I do not know who was the most nervous, him taking the test or me waiting on the call. Finally he called to calm me down I guess, that he had done well. This was around 2:00 p.m. and we had to wait until around 9:00 to get the judges results. Then came the call, I WON MR. FORMAN!!! Congratulations were in order for his victory. Dustin won a Miller Welding Machine, an automatic welding hood and other welding paraphernalia. But most of all Dustin gained the satisfaction that his efforts were the reason for this success as it has been for other endeavors in his life. I am proud of his accomplishments in my class along with the other students who have obtained their objective through this course. I want to give special thanks to Mr.John Hoggatt, the electronics instructor and Mr. Bob Savino, the refrigeration and air conditioning instructor for their part in making Skills U.S.A. work for our students and institution. GO DUSTIN!!!!!!!!!

6-07 018.JPG The school, and all of you welders out there, can give Dustin big congratulations!We went to Kansas City, Mo and Dustin competed in the Nationals along the side of many of the nations best students. Some of these welders had taken the test before. I'm proud and happy to tell you that Dustin held his own and did a really nice job. All of us can be very proud of this young man. One of the Boilermaker locals gave him a test and when he passed they put him right to work! His first whole weeks check was over $4000.00. GO DUSTIN!!!!!! Now that is winning! ...... I want to add here that I had a great class. Several more of my students went to work as Boilermakers. Every student I had learned to weld good. All but one of my students, who went on with her studies, are now employed as welders!


Edward Lloyd Forman Jr. Welders, Get Your Copy on VHS or DVD Today.

I am proud of my students. I want to mention that the second year of my teaching welding at Copiah-Lincoln Community College in Natchez Ms. was as good as the first! 100% are welders today. 98% of my class went right on at the end of the year to be Boilermaker welders. Today I do a few Boilermaker jobs to keep up my great Ins. There is a certain pride that wells up inside me when I see the guys and the lady I trained working on the job! 


"Take a look from under the hood"


Now Available on DVD and VHS Cassette

At any price I sell this video, IT IS A GREAT DEAL!

You will not find these three test on one video ANYWHERE else.

This is THE video Scott Linden recommends to welders. He wrote the book,  "100K welders"

You may find these test on different videos, but you will be looking to spend
hundreds of dollars, and I assure you, you will not be getting any better quality than I offer right here!!


WAS - 1 VHS- $29.95 + S/H   NOW - SALE PRICE 1 VHS- $5.00 + S/H

Price for 1 DVD- $34.95 + S/H

We do accept international orders with the proviso that S/H is $20 extra.

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Checks have to clear before shipment. Make Check or Money Order Payable to:   Andrea Eppinette
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Thank you, Ed

You can reach me for welding talk or welding questions at : 318-547-7597    or    weldingvideos@yahoo.com

Guarantee: If you are not completely satisfied simply return the video and a copy of the invoice within thirty (30) days for a total refund.

Privacy: WVI will not sell, rent, share, or distribute customer names, addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses. Your email addresses are used only for receipt of order and notification of your videos shipping date.

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I'd love to hear from all of you.


Thanks to all who keep asking about Tractor ..... Yes, here are pictures of "Tractor Jack" our beautiful 136lb. American Bulldog, He was sired by 150lb "Big Foot" - King Kong.

More pictures of Tractor are on the "Picture Page" Just click on the word Pictures on the dark blue band at the top of this page.


img0113a1.gifVet certified weight, 136Lbs. 1/27/06
There are more pictures of Tractor and his pups on the picture page.
He is gone but not forgotten.

WVI Helping you certify!

Take A look from "Under the Hood"

On this page scroll down to get a down load clip of a spot from the video !

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I'm sure many of you have seen a welder welding but, have you seen what is actually taking place. For sure you have reaped the benefits of the welding process and may have not realized it. No industry could survive now without welding and welders. Industrial certified welders are in demand more today than ever. The salaries these welders make often reach 6 figures and commonly above $40,000.00 a year according to performance, ability and opportunity that presents itself. This is where "Under the Hood" takes the welding process and makes it possible for more welders to become an industrial certified welder. This product actually shows the testing procedures of the most common industrial welding test and how to preform them with the correct techniques and actual welding as seen through the hood. We believe that if you can show someone how to do this, they with practice can do it also. With this video and the many government sponsored vocational training facilities throughout this country the opportunity to learn how to perform industrial welding test and become certified welders is within your reach. With this one hour educational movie you could be on your way to a great career and financial independence. No individual who wants to learn welding should be without this product and it is a must for training centers and high school shops.

I want to take the time right here to personally thank every welding class out there who have put my DVD on your shelves.Your kind letters mean so very much to me. I also have enjoyed talking to the people who have taken the time to call. I am glad to have helped you reach your goals.

Me, Ed Forman, on the job!

Click a link below to view clips from the Video.

Video Clip # 1 Video Clip # 2

On video clip # 1 you will see a coupon cut open to reveal the root pass. Then you will see a short clip of the tig hot pass.

On video clip # 2 you can see a clip of the 6010 downhill root pass.

 If you have high speed internet it will only take you around 20 seconds for each clip. If you don't, it will take a while but, it is good!! Just think how much clearer your VHS or DVD will be on your own player! Now take a peek from,

"Under the Hood"

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I made a mission trip to South India  

A Jesus Name Website .... My goal on my other site is to teach Gods word , “ Precept upon precept, precept upon precept; line upon line, line upon line; here a little and there a little.” Just as it reads in Isa. 28:10,
without all the un-scriptural bondage! Anyone who knows me knows my heart. I want to give a special thanks to all of you fellow welders and boilermakers who have emailed me after taking a look at  www.thechurchat.com
Ed Lloyd Forman



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